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Dauria going dry

Dauria Going Dry: adaptation to climate change in transboundary headwaters of the Amur River Basin – Phase II

Implementing partners: WWF-Russia, Rivers without Boundaries International Coalition, Dauria International Protected Area

Project duration: September 2014 – September 2015

The Second Phase of the project focused on the following activities:

  1. Research on approach to ecosystem-based transboundary flood management and wetland conservation, possible alternatives and framework to evaluate them in the Amur River basin;

  2. Research on environmental flow norms as a basis for transboundary agreements;

  3. Analyzing and preparing publication of data collected through Dauria Transboundary Ecological Monitoring Network;

  4. Recommendations for Integrated River Basin Management in river basins of Dauria (the Kherlen and Ulz River basins);

  5. Preparation of a research report “Transboundary Lakes of the Torey Depression”.

Project reports


Progress as of March 2016

We and the river floods: a lesson not learned (in Russian, summary in English). “Мы и речные наводнения: невыученный урок”.


River floods and adaptation measures. Floodplains’ role in flood risk mitigation in the Amur River Basin (in Russian). “Речные наводнения и меры адаптации к ним. Противопаводковые функции пойменных территорий в бассейне Амура”.


Recommendations on development of environmental flow norms in Amur River Basin (in Russian, abstract in English). “Экологический сток и его значение для пресноводных экосистем. Экологический сток в бассейне Амура”.


Kherlen River the Lifeline of the Eastern Steppe (in English).


Transboundary Lakes of the Torey Depression. Brief report (in English).


Transboundary Lakes of the Torey Depression (in Russian). “Трансграничные озера Торейской котловины”


(Phase I)



Guidance and tools


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News And Events

Dniester meeting, Chisinau,23 March 2017

Dniester meeting, Kyiv 20-21 April 2016

Dniestr meeting in Chisinau, 22 October 2015

Dniestr meeting, Kiev, 22-23 april 2015

Chu-Talas workshop, 25 November 2014, Astana

Dniester Workshop (Chisinau, 28-30 October 2014)

Dniester Workshop (Kyiv, 22-24 October 2014)

Neman project meeting, Vilnius, 30-31 October 2014

Dniester project meeting, Chisinau, 2-3 July 2014

Neman project conference, Vilnius, 19 june 2014

Dniester project workshop in Vadul lui Vode, May 7th 2014

Neman project seminar on January 21-22 2014 in Kaliningrad

Chu Talas workshop,27 February 2014, Bishkek, Kyrgyz Republic

Dniestr project meeting on 12 - 13 December in Kiev

Consultations and seventh meeting of Dniestr project, Chisinau,  9-10 July 2013

Fourth Workshop on Adaptation to Climate Change in Transboundary Basins (Geneva, 25–26 June 2013)

Final workshop on Flood Risk Management planning and Climate Change assessment in the Sava River Basin, Zagreb, 5-6 June 2013.

Workshop on Flood Communication in the Dniester River Basin  May 27-28, 2013  Lviv, Ukraine

Workshop on climate change adaptation in the Neman river basin. Vilnius, Lithuania, 16 May 2013

Workshop and expert meetingRiver basin management and climate change adaptation in the Neman river basin. Minsk, Republic of Belarus, 19 March 2013

First meeting of the global network of basins working on adaptation to climate change and third meeting of the core group of pilot projects (Geneva, 20 - 21 February 2013)

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